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Our proprietary research revealed that consumers will reject brands who:

Communicate Without Empathy

By adopting a stance of genuine empathy, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, as well as build stronger, more loyal relationships.

Radical Customer Experience™ is at the forefront of transforming the way businesses engage their customers and employees — we are equipping them with the tools needed to thrive in this cultural landscape.

Kat Kennan, CEO

Our Framework

Both our consulting and Radical Human Intelligence™ platform are based around our proprietary 3 R’s Methodology. These core tenets are Radical Vulnerability, Radical Empathy, and Radical Authentic Investment.

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Empowering Viewpoints

Innovatively understanding and connecting with stakeholders on a deep, human level. It goes beyond surface interactions, prioritizing a profound understanding of individual perspectives and needs. Businesses practicing radical empathy use this insight to inform decisions and create authentic connections.

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Admitting Imperfections

Courageously openly acknowledging limitations, uncertainties, and challenges. It involves fostering a transparent and authentic environment where leaders and teams embrace honesty about vulnerabilities. This approach encourages trust, collaboration, and innovation within the organization, leading to a resilient and adaptable business culture.

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Embracing Cultural Relevance

Boldly adopting the shifting nature of cultural rather than sticking to decades-old strategies. The days of cause marketing, donating 1% of profits, and generic ESG policies are over. Consumers are much too savvy to believe in brands’ social good initiatives unless they are deeply ingrained into the corporate DNA.

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