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In today’s dynamic cultural landscape, brands face unprecedented challenges. The fear of “being canceled” and losing control of your brand narrative stifles creativity and growth, hindering businesses from engaging in the social issues that consumers demand more and more. We help brands with these complex issues, and marry our results to real ROI.

RCX is setting a new standard for customer-centricity, offering organizations a proactive lens into potential PR Crisis, predicting and mitigating risks by assessing brand sensitivity. 

— The Word on Record

Our proprietary research revealed:

Consumers WILL Reject Brands That:

Communicate Without Empathy

Hesitate to Apologize When Wrong

Don’t Engage with Their Communities

Tap Into Our Audience of 3M U.S. Consumers.

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Younger consumers, whether a 40-year millennial, a 24-year old Gen-Z or the emerging 9-year GenAlpha demand more than trends. Over 60% assert that companies must stand up for social issues. A PR mistake can cost not just loyalty, but the very existence of a brand in a sea of alternatives.

— Kat Kennan, CEO/Founder

Our Framework

Our work is based around our proprietary Methodology. These core tenets are Empathy, Honesty, and Authentic Investment.


Empowering Viewpoints

Innovatively understanding and connecting with stakeholders on a deep, human level. It goes beyond surface interactions, prioritizing a profound understanding of individual perspectives and needs. Businesses practicing radical empathy use this insight to inform decisions and create authentic connections.


Admitting Imperfections

Courageously openly acknowledging limitations, uncertainties, and challenges. It involves fostering a transparent and authentic environment where leaders and teams embrace honesty about vulnerabilities. This approach encourages trust, collaboration, and innovation within the organization, leading to a resilient and adaptable business culture.

Authentic Investment

Embracing Cultural Relevance

Boldly adopting the shifting nature of cultural rather than sticking to decades-old strategies. The days of cause marketing, donating 1% of profits, and generic ESG policies are over. Consumers are much too savvy to believe in brands’ social good initiatives unless they are deeply ingrained into the corporate DNA.

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