About Radical Customer Experience™

Radical Customer Experience™ Empowers companies to Elevate Their Voices, Challenge the Status Quo, and Forge Unforgettable Experiences.

We Help Stakeholders Feel Seen & Heard

Specializing in an empathy-driven customer-centric approach, Radical Customer Experience™ transcends traditional demographics and psychographics. By prioritizing individual life experiences of all stakeholders—customers, employees and more, we guide companies to connect on a profound, meaningful level. Through the fusion of inclusive marketing, technology, psychology, and research, RCX equips our clients to cultivate extraordinary loyalty and sustainability..

Certified Women's Business Enterprise - Radical Customer Experience

Certified Disability Owned Business - Radical Customer Experience

Certified Women Owned Business - Radical Customer Experience

Our Vision & Mission

1. Radical Customer Experience aims to foster a world where compassion and understanding drive positive change.

2. Our mission is to empower companies to embrace empathy and trauma-informed techniques in their business practices to foster a more compassionate, understanding, and healthy world.

The Radical Customer Experience Framework

The 3 R's Framework for Radical Customer Experience
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Business empathy is innovatively understanding and connecting with stakeholders on a deep, human level. It goes beyond surface interactions, prioritizing a profound understanding of individual perspectives and needs. Businesses practicing radical empathy use this insight to inform decisions and create authentic connections.

The courageous act of openly acknowledging limitations, uncertainties, and challenges.This approach encourages trust, collaboration, and innovation within the organization, leading to an adaptable and sustainable business culture.

The days of cause marketing and donating a share of profits are over. Consumers are much too savvy to believe brands’ social good, unless it is deeply ingrained into the DNA of the company.

Our Team

Kat Kennan Headshot, CEO Radical Customer Experience

Kat Kennan

CEO & Founder

Ken Faro

Ken Faro, Ph.D.

Head of Research

Radical Customer Experience: Our Advocacy & Allyship

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Radical Customer Experience™ (RCX) is represents allyship at our core and we empower our clients to enact the same principles.

RCX is disability, LGBTQIAP+, and women-owned since our founding in 2019. Our primary advocacy focus has been on survivors of violence and those with PTS(D).

To this end, we have a sister advocacy organization Stand Up to Trauma, which gives a platform to survivors to tell their stories.

Kat is also a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau and shares her story whenever she can to help others. As we grow, we will continue to direct funds to these causes as we can.

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