I spend a lot of time thinking about the best and least intrusive way to engage with customers. Maybe in your case, your customers are your community, your constituents, or your fans.

During the holidays or any holiday during the year, we marketers jump at the chance to promote. We send email upon email and social post upon social post with our discount codes and joyful images. And this often works, resulting in big sales and revenue.

Have you ever wondered about the part of your audience that never shops on holidays? Or never on one particular holiday season or celebration?

Peter Comes Home

I grew up watching the Folgers commercial every December where Peter comes home as a surprise. It always made me feel warm and happy. But holidays aren’t a happy time for everyone. Perhaps this is even more true in Covid Times. Just as holidays can bring joy, they can also be a time of loss, family strife, and loneliness.

The real question lies in how we can take those negative associations into consideration when we are planning campaigns. There are simple things, such as editing a few words here and there. I’ll give an example. How many times have you read “dress like your mom’s watching” or some similar reference to our parents. But for customers who have lost a parent or are estranged, this may hit them totally wrong. Instead say “dress your best.” When you think about an end of year campaign, maybe acknowledge all the different ways the holidays are perceived. Think about photos you use.

You’ll never get it perfect, but don’t we owe it to our customers to at least think about this? You’re a better marketer for having done the thought exercise.

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