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I had the pleasure of attending the Tri-State Diversity Council’s Quarterly meeting recently. Jazmine Polite, Wayfair’s Senior Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategist shared the internal inclusion metrics she uses, as well as some well-known case studies from other brands. The level of measurements and strategies now available for diversity, equity, and inclusion are incredibly sophisticated, despite what often boils down to very slow movement in this area for most companies.

This presentation got me thinking. Jazmine shared primarily HR metrics and strategies for internal customers (employees), but as a marketer by trade, I can’t help but think about external customers. I often say that I’ve been implementing CRM and marketing automation systems so long that I could do it hopping on one foot with my eyes closed. (I doubt this to actually be true!)

These implementations are always more complicated and more time-consuming that they appear. What does this have to do with DEI anyway? (Or EDIB as I like to say). One may think that CRM and marketing automation have absolutely nothing to do with equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives, but your marketing tech stack is an underutilized space for these purposes.

As marketers, we all tend to be data hounds, and segmentation and customer personas are so critical to what we do and how we build brand affinity and ultimately drive revenue. Data collection gets a bad rap for being inhuman, non-empathic, or flat out a violation of privacy. However, in actuality, data is critical to implementing empathy, DEI, and human marketing. There is no better way or place to store the kind of sophisticated, individualized customer data that comes marketing from a trauma-informed place. In my last post, I spoke about the amazing SMS campaign Uncommon Goods did for Mother’s Day last year. This was a very intuitive and empathic campaign, but it also allowed for extreme customer segmentation and data.

I’d encourage you to use your tech stack for good and create radical customer experiences with every campaign and initiative.

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