Radical Human Intelligence™

A cutting-edge AI-driven, psychology-based SaaS product for navigating dynamic shifts in customer perception and loyalty by Radical Customer Experience™

Tested & Perfected

Establishing norms & correlations across segments & categories 

Key Benefits of Radical Human Intelligence™

Holistic Insights

Comprehensive Views of Customer Experiences

Actionable Data

Tangible Recommendations to Transform & Demonstrate Genuine Care

Competitive Advantages

Stand Out by Delivering Radical Customer Experiences

Loyalty & Trust

Foster Long-Term Customer Relationships with Personalized Interactions

Continuous Improvement

Create a Culture of Adaptation & Take Targeted Actions to Repair Customer Relationships

3 R's Dashboard

Dashboards & Analytics

The Radical Human Intelligence™ provides both summary and nuanced dashboards in an easy-to-understand manner.

Survey Customization

Our standard assessment is easy to customize, and add any criteria that is specific to your brand. We can also customize survey audiences easily.

Customizable Surveys

AI-Driven Recommendations

Once your assessment is complete, our AI engine will recommend on things to do and to not do. Using these recommendations as a guideline, it will be easy to track progress over time.

KPI Implications

No matter which KPIs your business or department may be tracking at any given time, our software utilizes our Implication.AI engine to correlate your changing brand sensitivity score will affect your key metrics.

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content insights

Content Insights

Our system applies the same logic as our survey and applies a brand sensitivity score to any uploaded document. From there, the system makes recommendations on how to make your text more empathic. Our social insights works similar, but automatically connects to social networks to achieve similar goals.

Take Advantage of Limited Time Pricing.

Prices Scheduled to Increase on November 1, 2024.