“I met Kat nearly 4 years ago when she shared a Nugget of wisdom with us. That Nugget was on the subject of radical transparency. I’d never heard the phrase to be honest. But that Nugget of wisdom opened our eyes to what we had created at One Golden Nugget, and it was because of Kat’s insight. So with one stroke of her keyboard she changed everything for us, and that is what great marketing people should do. Many talk about it, but Kat just delivers.”
Steven Foster
One Golden Nugget


“Kat is fantastic to work with in every way: thoughtful, responsive, creative, curious, and really cares about her work. Kat thinks outside of the box and has a deep understanding on how sales & marketing can work together with not just technology, but human to human.”
Sonja Pomerleau


“Kat is an absolute joy to collaborate with — her insight, experience, and deep understanding of CRM, marketing, and sales operations was critical for us during this period of high growth, and her professionalism, leadership and good humor was widely felt. I strongly recommend Kat and Radical Customer Experience.” 
Rob Dolan
Joyride Coffee


“My first encounter with Kat was on the conference stage and, ever since that moment, I’ve been compelled by her approach, the way she thinks and the intent she puts into her work. Throughout the years, we have discussed the ways client projects and the industry as a whole can be improved and her ideas never cease to amaze. Her sharpness is unmatched, her writing is top-notch, and anyone with the chance to work with Kat should do so post-haste. Working with Kat is absolutely a business advantage.”
Gary J. Nix
The Brandarchist


“One call with Radical Customer Experience™ and I have a spark about my business for the first time in months.”
Jordan Hollender


“When Radical Customer Experience are leading the conversation, they let empathy and inclusion set the pace. In particular, the Founder is extemely relatable and shows a genuine interest in the views of those taking part whilst providing enough structure to get the work done. I really admire the way RCX are challenging the status quo.”
Dan Dowman